We developed custom software using Openframeworks (openframeworks.cc), an open source development environment for C++. The software is displayed on a HD (1080 x 1920) vertical LCD screen, enclosed in a custom fabricated bamboo frame. The interaction is based on motion and presence. As people stand in front of the display a camera captures the them and the software analyzes the movement in each frame of the video. In realtime the users movement is translated in the a wind force. A physics system is the skeleton for all the elements is the environment. This force and physics system is what animates and brings the environment to life. As the user sways and moves the plants will move with you.

The interaction becomes a tango between you and the plants. To encourage growing we are isolating the upward motion and computing that into plant growth. The more someone moves up the more the plants will grow. The application has two modes day and night, at night the sky fades to a black gradient and stars twinkle in the background. When the sun rises the environment transitions back into a sunny day. 

Team Todd Vanderlin Ryan Habbyshaw Memo Akten